Who needs SmartEDGE



Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer.

The SmartEdge helps the CxO to optimize the Edge strategy that helps to cut cost, optimize operations, improve efficiency and retain existing investments to minimize new investments. It helps on informed decisions that drive the growth of the company.




Engineering Head takes care of the entire engineering facilities.

The SmartEdge helps the Engineering Head to optimize the Edge strategy by running an assessment on the existing setup of the machines, motors, sensors, servers, networking, communication mediums and the current state of automation. After the assessment, it will help to prototype IoT solutions quickly and gradually deploy to achieve complete automation. The EDGE strategy to find out what types of equipment, devices, servers, sensors or any hardware required, what education and skills required by the Engineering staff and how much will it cost.
It helps to collect data, run analytics to achieve engineering excellence, and carry out predictive maintenance to avoid sudden failures and shutdowns.



IT Head takes care of the entire IT software and hardware.

The SmartEdge helps the IT Head to optimize the Edge strategy by running an assessment on what existing software and hardware systems are deployed and how are they integrated. It will help to prototype quickly on Edge in multi-location facilities that to be integrated. It will help in defining the EDGE strategy to integrate with overall IT systems with minimum impact.

SmartEDGE can help you to achieve your EDGE strategy to quickly prototype an IoT idea, deploy and scale.