Internet of Things is one of the disruptive innovation and we are seeing more and more companies adopting and implementing IOT. It is expected that the IOT devices connected to the internet will more than triple by 2020, from 10 billion to 34 billion. If you are looking to bolster your knowledge on IOT, Mobodexter brings you free webinar series. These educative webinars on IOT are intended to answer all your questions on IOT and help in building IOT products and solutions.

The webinar series from PAASMER provides a breadth of educative topics on IOT. It brings you all the latest technology in the field of IOT. It will also cover PAASMER’s End to End IOT Platform, features and how it enables to develop IOT solutions quickly and securely.


This webinar intends to untangle the mystery of IOT and also introduces you to PAASMER IOT Platform.

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This webinar intends to Introduction to PAASMER- Architecture & software stack, Powering IoT with PAASMER.

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