PAASMER’s IOT Edge Software Suite – MISTY

PAASMER Edge Software Suite runs on a unique load-balanced micro-service framework that comprises of

  • MISTY CORE – Provides all the fundamentals required to establish a connection & share data with downstream and upstream services
  • MISTY Edge Analytics – Provides all the functionalities required to do Stream Analytics at the Edge.
  • MISTY Edge Machine Learning – Provides a way to connect to the Edge Data Store and perform Machine Learning on the Edge Data Store
  • MISTY Edge Artificial Intelligence – Provides a way to do Image recognition and Voice recognition on both Live and Store video and Image store.
  • PAASMER Drone – Provides all functionalities to do data analysis on drones and secure the data on PAASMER cloud.
  • This typically runs on High-Compute Edge hardware platforms like Intel DK – 300; Qualcomm – 83X; Samsung – Artik 7X