Bellevue, WA – Paasmer has been consistently upgrading their software stack over the past couple of years based on feedback from their IoT developers and clients. Last year, Paasmer extended its reach and support beyond IoT into drone, robotics, and smart city applications. Earlier this year Paasmer made major updates to the Edge Analytics; Edge Machine Learning & Edge Artificial Intelligence software packages with the Paasmer 2.0 release.


Today, Paasmer 2.1 launched with an upgraded Machine Learning Developer Kit and enhanced Paasmer Cloud GUI. These new enhancements make it easier for developers to build machine-learning applications on the Edge. Typically, historical data sets and related parameters are used to train machine-learning applications which can take time and be limited; however, by moving machine learning to the edge it allows for faster real-time insights and response to insights, less data transmitted over the network, and reduces bandwidth costs.

Data visualization has also been updated in Paasmer Cloud GUI the new update allows developers to choose a different data configuration and presentation for each feed. The following presentation types have been added with the Paasmer 2.1 release: line chart, bar chart, circular gauge, vertical gauge, button and slider bar button.

The biggest enhancement made to last years Paasmer 2.0 version was the addition of dockerized architecture on their Edge Software. To accompany the dockerized architecture, Paasmer 2.1 has added functionality to the GUI to manage devices. This new section makes it easier for developers to replace a broken or malfunctioning device without having to buy a new license for faster prototyping and more tests on multiple devices at a time.

Shelby Cooper, Marketing Director for Paasmer by Mobodexter says, “The new micro-services and enhanced features that launched with Paasmer 2.1 will help our clients have more flexibility, greater scalability, and save up to 75% on their cloud operational costs while improving their control over their data on Edge Devices. The Paasmer platform was already a powerful tool, but as it continues to adapt and add new features, such as the ones added with today’s release, Paasmer will continue to push the boundaries of innovation.”


A pre-installed bundle option of the Paasmer software is available and compatible for all prominent Edge hardware platforms from Intel & ARM. These Paasmer Solution Development Kits can be ordered online here.

PAASMER by Mobodexter – Mobodexter provides a variety of Edge software products under the PAASMER brand. These products include PAASMER Edge Software, PAASMER IoT Cloud, and PAASMER IoT Blockchain. Ex-Intel veterans founded Mobodexter in 2013. Since it’s launch, Mobodexter has partnered with many clients from a wide variety of industries such as smart cities, drones, and artificial intelligence. Mobodexter and the PAASMER Platform are continuing to grow by adding new clients and projects. Visit for the latest updates and for more information.



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