Mobodexter announces the general availability of Paasmer 2.0, a dockerized version of their IoT Edge software that removes the hardware dependency to run Paasmer Edge Software. Paasmer has become one of the few IoT software platforms in the world to add docker capability on the IoT Edge.

Dockers are stand-alone, light-weight, containers that package the various elements needed to run a piece of software in any hardware environment. They contain the code, run-time, system tools, system libraries, and settings that make running software in any hardware environment possible. Dockerization is an innovative solution that can fix some of the unique challenges faced by the IoT industry such as diverse run-time environments, hardware limitations, network access difficulties, and geographic distribution spread. By implementing dockers into Paasmer Edge Software, developers are greatly assisted in utilizing IoT despite technical constraints they may experience.

This enhanced version of Paasmer Edge Software has been developed especially for Edge Analytics and Machine Learning, with packaged features that deliver an amplified version of Paasmer docker containers enabling all features to be run on any device along the customized Paasmer OS. Additionally, the Paasmer Edge Core has been released with a built-in generic Python library, allowing many IoT devices to simultaneously connect to the Paasmer Cloud.

According to Sridhar Krishnan, Engineering Director at Mobodexter, “the dockerization of Paasmer Edge Software allows IoT developers to quickly start their prototyping on their choice of IoT hardware while utilizing advanced features like Edge Analytics and Machine Learning. With a flexible licensing model the software could be turned on or off seamlessly. We are pleased to launch Paasmer Solution Development Kit, a packaged software bundle on high compute Edge hardware”

Paasmer Edge Docker Version 2

This includes Edge Analytics and Machine Learning, as well as the new Paasmer code that houses the Python Library inside a Docker container.

Paasmer Edge Analytics Version 2

This version, delivered as a Docker, offers developers more analytics options while making it easier to install, uninstall, and upgrade.
Aggregate sensor data streams; Average the data feed values; Monitor Data Feeds.

Paasmer Edge Machine Learning Version 1

Paasmer’s Machine Learning feature comes with a built-in sample use case. A sample Android app accompanies the demo feature. Together, these samples showcase Machine Learning’s data prediction capabilities.

Paasmer Python Library

The newly added Python Library is a simplistic way of connecting, subscribing, and publishing to the Paasmer Platform from IoT devices. The Library provides straightforward function calls that add usage simplicity. It supports Edge Analytics on any feed while in the process of publishing, and simplifies the process by offering separate Callback for each feed.

With the launch of Paasmer 2.0 Release Mobodexter is pushing its cutting-edge innovation to its worldwide clients and also plans to capture newer markets that can be benefited from the flexible costing model.

About: Mobodexter Inc is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider for the Internet of Things (IoT) and drones based in Bellevue, WA. PAASMER platform has a growing list of clients including H3Buildings – A Smart City builder in Europe. PAASMER platform is focused on providing the Edge innovation like the Edge Analytics, Edge Machine Learning and Edge Artificial Intelligence capabilities on the IoT devices themselves. Mobodexter’s unique Docker-based software release for the Edge – Paasmer 2.0 adds new innovative capabilities.

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