Edge Kuberenetes-as-a-Service (EKaaS)

Businesses of all sizes are choosing containers to power their digital transformations. And they rely on Kubernetes to help them deploy, scale and manage their growing number of containerized applications.

But operating and scaling Kubernetes and integrating it into an existing IT environment is challenging and requires the right tooling, automation and processes, as well as hard-to-find expertise. So, businesses like yours are turning to Mobodexter Edge Kubernetes-as-a-Service (EKaaS).

With Mobodexter's EKaaS, our experts deliver ongoing operations management and support for the entire technology stack — from the hardware and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Kubernetes itself. Plus, we manage and support the containers and cluster application services such as monitoring, logging, analytics and more.


With our fully managed Edge Kubernetes-as-a-service, you will get improved application portability across clouds and internal environments. This will allow you to focus on building and launching applications, while providing greater flexibility and speed to market. We abstract the complexity of managing application workloads across your Edge and Cloud Kubernetes implementations.

Business Consulting


Best Efficiency

  • You can save up to 50 percent* with our Edge Kubernetes-as-a-Service versus operating it yourself.
  • You’ll also have options to better predict and control costs, including consuming the service in either a capex or opex model in your own data center or a third-party colocation facility.

* based on Mobodexter internal estimates

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