Analytics done on the live IoT data in Edge helps businesses to take informed decisions to improve business efficiency, reduce cost and quicker response on issues. Analytics can be executed on the Edge side, Informed decision can be taken based on these analytics and overall cost can be reduced by 20% by moving Analytics to Edge, closer to where data are generated.

Edge Analytics provides the opportunity to implement analytics on an Edge device that is deployed at the ‘edge’ of a network where data from connected devices is collected. This allows for Actions to be taken against the device data prior to that data being forwarded on PAASMER IOT Platform in the Cloud. Analyzing data at the Edge can decrease latency in the decision-making process on connected devices.

Paasmer Edge Analytics is the key feature in Paasmer Edge which provides you to do analytics on the sensor data. Presently we are providing Filter, Aggregate, Average and Feed monitoring algorithms, where you can analyze your sensor data based on your Analytics condition. Support for more algorithms on Analytics can be added in the future.