BodyTemp™️ – Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Measurement Kiosk

Protecting yourself, your staff, and other visitors and patrons from the spread of contagious diseases begin with identifying, quarantining, and treating infected individuals. BodyTemp’s thermal sensor technology provides an accurate and affordable solution to alert individuals of heightened elevated body temperature

while protecting others in and around your facilities

BodyTemp – BT100

  • BT100 is a pre-configured EBT Measurement Kiosk with desktop and floor mount stand options.

  • BT100 provides biometric attendance check-in and elevated body temperature (EBT) verification.

  • Voice commands and alerts in the kiosk can be programmed to alert when persons above an EBT threshold and those without access attempt to enter.

  • Comes with two programmable modes.

  • In "Guest" mode, Personnel with normal temperatures are permitted to enter the facility. “Guest” mode can also recognize employees by their facial features, but access is granted to those who do not have an EBT.

  • "Recognition" mode, however, only grants access to recognized visitors. A LED light at the top of the kiosk turns green when a user passes the face recognition and temperature check.

BodyTemp BT300

  • BT300 is a custom configurable EBT Measurement Kiosk.

  • Full face, elevated skin temperature detection for preliminary screening.

  • Audio and visual instructions to follow.

  • Voice recognition command to activate more features.

  • Video call and Virtual Reception features.

  • Facial Recognition integration with employee database and Access Control systems.

  • Choice of sensors from FLIR® /Intel RealSense

  • Choices of touchscreens from Lenovo/Elo Touch.

  • Choice of stands – Floor stands & Desktop stands. 


  • Kiosks installed at Employee check-in points.

  • Integrated with employee access management and attendance management systems.

  • Temperature scan done 3-5 times for each employee to ensure that the employee stays healthy while in store.

  • Automated store supervisory alerts on any temperature abnormalities detected. 

  • Daily audit logs to store supervisors. 

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