[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Diesel Generator (DG) set are essential item found in the Industrial building, commercial complexes and residential apartment and is used as backup power source to provide uninterrupted power to the buildings. In larger industrial setup more than one generator will be deployed in the field to meet the needs of the situation. In a typical set up the DG set turns on when the power back up is needed and there is no constant monitoring of the performance of the Diesel Generator. Without an online method regular monitoring and maintenance of the generator deployed in the field can be a time consuming and costly affair. But what happens is if a DG is operating in a sub optimal level there could be fuel wastage. This can result loss in revenue of up to 75% and lack of regular maintenance could cause the performance to drop or cause downtime which could be unaffordable for many organizations.

Fuel cost plays another significant factor in the overall cost of maintenance. Monitoring the vital health parameter of the generator would help to predict any impending failures, improve the performance and prevent any downtime of these generators. Fuel management is another critical aspect of the generator maintenance preventing fuel theft, optimizing the fuel usage are important for these generators. This is the requirement received from our client who is DG set manufacture. The objective was to provide the DG that allows provision, monitor various DG parameters and optimize the performance of the Diesel Generator remotely, reduce the overall Opex cost and prevent any downtime.The proposal was to go for an IOT based cloud system that receive all the critical
parameters from the DGs sensors through a data aggregator or gateway and upstream this to a Cloud.

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Application of Drones in Agriculture

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Voice-Bot for Internet Of Things

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Using Drones to measure Air Pollution

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Retail IoT Solution

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