[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Internet of Things (IoT) is a path breaking new technology wave that is affecting our daily lives in ways unimaginable before. With Sensors, Cloud and Analytics, we are now able to provide solutions which were otherwise impossible. We are also able to give customers, strategic insights into their lives like never before. Home automation is one of the key verticals of IoT. It provides the ease of being able to control all the smart devices in a house from a centralized location. It also provides additional advantages like integrating security cameras, sensors for hazardous gases, water leakage, power management etc.

Controlling 3rd party services via voice provides the client with the flexibility of just asking commands to the controller and the controller does the entire processing and reports back in voice format. It also provides the flexibility of turning on or off the near field devices via voice commands. These include, smart Bulbs, smart sockets, TV’s and all other smart devices and sensors in a house.

The main challenge in this particular scenario was to provide to a client a low cost solution which enabled the usage of voice commands to control near field devices and also fetch data from 3rd party services over the internet like Generic searches over the internet, calculations, weather forecast, show timings, transport availability, cab bookings etc.

We suggested to the client to go for an IoT based cloud system with a gateway running all the necessary hardware and software for the voice processing engine. For near field devices, the control is over the near field communications, where for 3 rd party services, all data is sent upstream to the Cloud, where in further processing happens.


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Application of Drones in Agriculture

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Online Generator Monitoring System

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Using Drones to measure Air Pollution

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Retail IoT Solution

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