[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Internet of Things (IoT) is a path breaking new technology wave that is affecting our daily lives in ways unimaginable before. With Sensors, Cloud and Analytics, we are now able to provide solutions which were otherwise impossible. We are also able to give customers, strategic insights into their lives like never before. IoT deployments can bring disruptive changes to the retail industry. Retailers are exploring ways to use intelligent, connected devices to offer new services, enhance customer experiences, enter new markets and improve supply chain by creating digital ecosystems. IoT presents an opportunity for retailers to develop such ecosystem that connects the physical and digital worlds.

It is always challenging for retail enterprises like Walmart to integrate these different services from different vendors and provide an integrated solution. Also it is equally important that the solution must be scalable in enabling new services like dynamic price adjustments using smart price tags.

Cost is another major challenge; the solution must be flexible to offer multiple functionalities like single beacon for workforce tracking in addition to customer insight and engagement. Once deployed it must be easy to maintain and do required software updates without much difficulty.


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Application of Drones in Agriculture

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Online Generator Monitoring System

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Using Drones to measure Air Pollution

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Voice-Bot for Internet Of Things

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