Unleashing the Power of IOT Edge with AI

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Where are you on the path to EDGE Computing?

Considering IoT Project

Companies that realize it is imperative to connect their products and devices will enjoy a clear competitive advantage.

Proof of Concept

A proof of concept (POC) is a demonstration, the purpose of which is to verify that certain concepts or theories

Doing Pilot

A pilot study, pilot project, or pilot experiment is a small scale preliminary study conducted in order to evaluate feasibility.


deployed in the right way, communication networks enable employees to gain greater awareness of the organisation.

Scaling Up

“Scaling-up” is the process of reaching larger numbers of a target audience in a broader geographic area by institutionalizing effective programmes.

Do it at EDGE with PAASMER Software

With expertise in IoT, Blockchain, Drones, Machine Learning and AI backed with patented technologies and innovations, equipped with IoT Edge platform, IoT cloud platform and IoT device development kits, we work with our clients to build End to End IoT solutions that drive growth

The revolutionary SmartEDGE has in built Machine Learning for all your analytics need!

  • Powerful and Economical – plug & play box
  • Seamless integration across multiple systems & sensors
  • On-premise centric with minimal latency
  • Real time analytics of LIVE data on EDGE
  • Enhanced connectivity options to support WiFi, BLE and Zigbee
  • Easy upgrade or downgrade based on need

Who needs SmartEDGE

Whatever your role, see how SmartEDGE can help you optimize your EDGE strategy.

What Makes Us Different?

End to End IoT Platform

Built for enterprise

Consistently updated, constantly current!

Easy customization

Hardware agnostic

Low Latency, Cost Efficiency

Ready for a smarter EDGE strategy?

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