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Mobodexter – PaasmerTM

Our much anticipated Mobodexter has been Coverage on “The Times” U.K. Read more…


Raconteur Media covered an interview on the launch of IOT platform PAASMER. Read more…


MoboDexter – Awarded “20 Most Promising companies in Cyber Security” by CIOReview Magazine

“Our products are not looking to provide a single dimensional security, rather focuses on multi-layered approach from chip to application – from devices to cloud; the aim is to provide additional security to the existing infrastructure by building the complete security stack by combining hardware and software”, explains Chandramouli Srinivasan(Mouli), CEO & President of MoboDexter.

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Sensing opportunity in mobile and niche technology experienced IT professional starts up MoboDexter

Having spent a considerable amount time in the corporate world, he felt the itch to launch a startup. “I felt the need to challenge the status quo to deliver technical innovations on a different scale and identified mobile application space as the place where most innovation can be delivered on  a global scale for future devices,” says Mouli.

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