JAR: Load, a cloud based web load, stress and functional testing tool is the latest addition to the Software Performance Testing Tool Market

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Unlike other tools in the market place which simply record and replay back traffic, what makes JAR:Load unique in the performance testing market is the reality that it tests using real web browsers just as users themselves would experience interacting on websites.

All current performance testing tools are not equipped to deal with new web technologies like AJAX, HTML 5 and Javascript.

JAR:Load is the only enterprise solution built from the ground up using real browsers and therefore handles these technologies with ease. This explains why so many software test consultancy firms are approaching us continuously.

When recording and replaying back traffic, as the majority of performance testing tools do, if a website changes then these traditional tools will have to be re-scripted in order to adapt with the changes. All scripts will work with our solution no matter what adjustments have been made to the websites.

JAR:Load is an ‘enterprise tool’ without an ‘enterprise price tag.’

The tool has all the features to stand up to the main enterprise grade players in the market such as Soasta, LoadRunner,NeoLoad and Silkperformer, however JAR:Load is priced a lot more competitively than these tools.

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JAR:Load also competes with open source tools, including JMeter.

  • The biggest advantage we have over open sources tools is that JAR: Load is extremely user friendly so that people with basic or no programming experience can use it.
  • The greatly reduced engineering time results in Performance engineers spending less time in testing and more time devoted to other critical tasks.
  • Fast and responsive UX built around process driven testing; allows tests to be created, scaled and analyzed in timescales much quicker than the competition. Reduces the hidden costs of usage.

JAR:Load is available on a number of different pricing models to suit the clients needs.




The user can pay for tests as and when they need.


Daily and Monthly Rental


We have both Daily and Monthly Rental options available to provide flexibility to your testing requirements.


Bulk Purchase


Clients can bulk buy virtual users and draw them down and use them when they need.

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