Mobodexter is shortly launching a Regulation A+(Mini – IPO) offering and is already in process for United States S.E.C Qualification for this offering. Adamson Brothers, a NY-based investment banker specialized in IPO offering, has been identified as our investment partner to spreadhead this offering. You can send in your investment queries to

Wefunder Investor Network (WIN)

Mobodexter ran a Regulation Crowdfunding Title III offering with United States S.E.C. Filling on Wefunder platform to raise Series-A round. The campaign achieved its goal and remained a highly-funded campaign on Wefunder for 5 out of 11 weeks of a campaign.

Dilraj Ghumman,  Investor in MoboDexter and Serial Angel, said

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the Internet of Things and its radical effect on business. Companies like UPS, Boeing, GM, and Starbucks (to name a few) are all embracing IoT. Yet the current strategy to build backend IoT software in-house stifles innovation and costs companies huge profits in the long run. They need an end-to-end solution to make it simple to launch new products without the headache of complicated backend systems.

The MoboDexter team has developed the flexible and versatile software that ties it all together and makes it simple for companies to focus on real innovation and not just the costly foundational infrastructure.

In the long term, PAASMER’s goal is to enable Artificial intelligence so that Things can act with their own intelligence in the best interest of the user by enabling the best innovations for Edge computing. MoboDexter has arrived at the perfect time just when the IoT industry is about to hit exponential growth. This is an incredible value proposition and opportunity for their investors”  Read more

Straitfund – “An Independent company that evaluates crowdfunding investment opportunity”

Straitfund is an investors friendly company which evaluates each crowdfunding investment opportunity and provides an independent unbiased report to investors. Straitfund rated MoboDexter’s investment opportunity 3.5 on a 5-star scale. This is one of the best ratings in the industry and gives “Thumbs Up” to investors for an investment into the company. Read more

Next Gen Crowdfunding – “An Independent investor advisory company tracked our Wefunder campaign”

Next Gen Crowdfunding gave a detailed week-by-week snapshot of the investment campaign and advised their investors of our aggressive progress on the campaign and the investment opportunity. Read more